About Us

Welcome to Rocket Launch

Rocket Launch Marketing & PR was engineered from the idea that, while admittedly not on the level of jet propulsion technology, marketing is a science fueled by the integration of data, strategy, experience, an underlying curiosity, and proven best practices.

We also recognize that a successful marketing program is a lot like a rocket launch. While the culmination of liftoff gets all the attention, it’s the months of research, planning, crew training, and other critical pre-work that ultimately determines mission success.

Our Rocketeers are hand-picked to guide your journey. We create the programs, leverage the opportunities and solve the behind-the-scenes challenges to allow your brand, product or service to reach new heights.

The Rocketeer’s Creed

To work with us is to know first-hand the principles we live and breathe by as an organization. The Rocketeer’s Creed represents our approach to client relationships and communication.

Make it personal. because the best marketing is personal.

We take on your dream as our own. We become part of your team.

Be brutally honest; the only place you can genuinely build from is the truth.

We won’t tell you “yes” if “no” is better for your business.

Be a client’s partner and not their agency.

We’re here to stay, like any long-term relationship you trust.

Leave nothing on the table.

We plan for success and contingency plan for even greater success.

Our Process

Eight critical steps to mission exceeded. While every client strategy is different, the foundational steps to kick off any launch are crucial. This is the lens through which every client mission is approached.

A dream is revealed – by a client or a Rocketeer who lives the client’s business.
The mission is identified along with a clear definition of the desired destination.
Countdown The plan is further refined and boosted by support activities to ensure it is mission-ready.
The solution is tested, re-tested and grounded in data for final reassurance.
Through initial ideation between
client and crew, the nucleus of an idea is born.
The mission sequence is initiated with full crew support. We have liftoff!
Mission Exceeded
The client’s dreams are surpassed as new worlds and opportunities are discovered.

That idea is nurtured and expanded into an integrated, actionable solution.
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