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Marketing & Brand Development

Marketing & Brand Development

There is no cookie-cutter approach for taking your brand to the next level. Through data, discipline, and tenacity, we ensure your most effective story is delivered on-point and at a place where your audience will take action. By connecting data to insights and turning that into a winning marketing strategy, we help you distinguish your brand and reach a potential you didn’t even know existed.

Mission Expertise

Integrated Strategy Building

We orchestrate all the moving parts into one cohesive plan, ensuring that the sum is greater than the parts.

Research & Consumer Insights

A successful strategic plan is always rooted in knowledge. We connect data to insights and turn that into a winning strategy.

Goal Setting & Data Strategy

Rocket Launch helps determine the most critical KPIs to reach your goals and build a framework for measurement and reporting.

Brand Development & Rebranding

More than a logo or slogan, we build brands around the “why” of your existence to build authenticity and engagement.

Brand Narrative

We help establish a meaningful brand ethos, which then informs your story, values and how your brand comes to life.

Logo & Brand Visuals

More than an icon for your business, we ensure your logo and look represent your brand effectively across all executions.

Style & Brand Guides

Consistent and thoughtful brand execution is foundational to success. We can equip you with the tools you need to succeed.

Events & Activations

From grand openings to intimate VIP events, Rocket Launch creates an engaging experience from invitation to execution.

Featured Case Studies

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