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Our Work: Boys & Girls Club Brand Strategy


MISSION SUPPORT: brand strategy

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Carson came to us at a pivotal point in their organizational growth and development. Having expanded its reach and impact well beyond the borders of the City of Carson, its need for awareness and fundraising grew accordingly. Likewise, the Club’s leadership recognized the vital opportunity this created to tell the organization’s story to a new and larger audience.

Rocket Launch partnered with the Club’s leadership for an in-depth brand analysis, followed by the development of an integrated marketing and communications plan. The plan realigned objectives and recommended new strategies and tactics to build a clear path forward for the organization’s marketing and public relations efforts.

The marketing strategy project entailed two in-depth sessions. The first session was a complete download for our Rocketeers to fully immerse in the organization and understand its goals, current resources, and future plans. The second session was an executive leadership strategy meeting with key staff and board members.

Our Rocketeers guided the leadership team through various exercises to uncover the true goals for the organization, helped develop marketing objectives to support the goals, and dialed in the strategies, key messaging, and tactics to facilitate success. The result was an integrated plan with strategies tied directly to the overall business objectives.

Through this project, our team helped define the Club’s overall marketing and PR strategy and created a feasible path forward for implementing the plan. We delivered the planning and execution tools necessary for the Club’s marketing team to carry out the plan and manage its day-to-day activities. Additionally, BGC of Carson anticipates growth within its marketing department, and as its resources grow, there is a clear vision for its future marketing and PR initiatives.

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