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Our Work: Triden Group Website

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MISSION SUPPORT: SEO Analysis & Website Development

A few years after launching the company and focusing intently on putting its customers – and their best interests – first, Triden Group found itself competing with some of the biggest names in the cybersecurity space.

Ready to elevate its position in the industry, Triden Group secured Rocket Launch to analyze its website, examine its competitive landscape, and provide a comprehensive SEO strategy that would maximize the website’s organic impact. Once the Rocket Launch team completed and implemented the on-site SEO recommendations and Triden Group was armed with more detailed information about its competitors, the company’s leadership team decided to embark on a website redevelopment project.

Rocket Launch’s mission was to enable Triden Group to improve how it reached and converted potential customers online by revamping the website in a way that fully embodied the brand’s look, messaging and products and was optimized to keep users engaged and encourage leads to enter the sales pipeline. It also needed to be set up to support upcoming marketing, advertising, and SEO initiatives.

The basis of our strategy was to portray a cohesive brand grounded in digestible and relevant audience-specific messaging and related calls-to-action. Having already embarked on a content organization (sitemap) and user experience strategy based on business goals and SEO insights, Rocket Launch was already ready for liftoff from the onset of the Triden Group website redevelopment project.

With a website and user experience strategy in place, Rocket Launch helped hone the Triden Group brand from an organizational and product standpoint, which came to life through SEO-informed website content development.

Rocket Launch delivered the new Triden Group website with dynamic design and functionality on top of an overall new, modern look and feel.

“I am so excited to see the site come to life and share it with the world, and I am truly grateful to Rocket Launch Marketing & PR for bringing our vision to a reality.”

Maggie MacCubbin, Director of Marketing and Branding, Triden Group

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