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Our Work: War Heroes on Water Website

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MISSION SUPPORT: Website Development

War Heroes on Water is an annual sportfishing tournament that uses the healing powers of the ocean and the excitement of competition to help combat-wounded veterans forge new, lifelong bonds and establish a path toward healing as they work to replace feelings of isolation commonly associated with reentry into civilian life. In 2022, with the event entering its fifth year and a goal to improve how the organization engages with its key stakeholders online, the team at Rocket Launch led a website renovation with the objective of fully embodying the brand’s look and messaging and supporting its future marketing goals.

With the organization striving to make the tournament bigger and better than ever through increased partnerships and fundraising, and with sponsorship solicitation already underway, Rocket Launch established an aggressive website development timeline to ensure it would launch well ahead of the fifth annual tournament. Working in close partnership with the War Heroes on Water leadership team, we endeavored to deliver a new website that conveys the tournament’s delicate balance of competition, camaraderie, hopefulness, and joy with the emotions and heaviness that only combat veterans can understand.

Rocket Launch delivered the new website with an overall new, modern, look and feel; dynamic design and functionality; and engaging visuals of event participants, partners, and sponsors.

“It was a pleasure to support such an important cause through the WHOW website. With a stunning library of photos and videos at our fingertips, we let the compelling visual assets lead the design of this site and WOW, does it tell a powerful story. We hope that this modern and functional website serves the event well for years to come.”

Erin Gibbons, VP/Account Director Marketing & Advertising

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