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How do you launch an unknown appliance brand at an industry-giant trade show?

Wow the critics through simple storytelling and ownable product benefits.


Beko Home Appliances USA


Consumer Retail


Public Relations

Awards Received


Mission Objective

Despite its #2 market share in Europe and reputation as the world’s most eco-minded appliance manufacturer, Beko was a newcomer in the U.S. in 2023 and unknown to most American homeowners and even some retailers. The Turkish brand faced a formidable challenge at the 2023 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS), North America’s largest appliance showcase: Introduce 40 new cooking, cooling and cleaning products within a few feet of hundreds of better-established industry titans. Compounding the assignment and lack of consumer and retailer awareness was a U.S. retail strategy that relied on a handful of appliance dealers until the demand required for big-box retailers and showrooms could be established.

Strategic Flight Plan

To counter Beko’s miniscule brand awareness, it was determined that the primary PR goal associated with KBIS 2023 was to demo Beko products to as many key media as possible before, during and after the show to establish credibility and some early believers. This strategy would allow the brand to communicate the specific health and sustainable features of each new product with key reporters. Starting six months before the show and focusing on these ownable product features, the PR team placed “exclusive” dishwasher and refrigerator review units with VIP media to generate advance coverage that could be leveraged throughout KBIS. The team also secured dozens of booth appointments and product demos with top-tier media during the show, aggressively entered the new product lineup in as many award competitions as possible, and orchestrated an in-booth press conference and product reveal that focused on the company’s role in the Net Zero Energy (NZE) home-construction movement. For the latter, the team forged a product relationship with a prolific tech and gaming entrepreneur building a Net Zero Case Study House in Santa Monica, California, who offered his testimony as a sustainability-minded homebuilder and Beko appliance owner.

Mission Results

During the three-day trade show, Rocket Launch engaged kitchen, bath, technology, green, business and general-consumer media and influencers, including those attending KBIS and outside the industry, through a combination of traditional outreach and strategic activations. These included booth tours and appointments; product placement, demos and reviews; award entries, and expert commentary and industry thought-leadership to place Beko within the larger trend of sustainable and Net Zero living.

Campaign Results (during KBIS alone):

earned media placements in top-tier consumer and trade publications
million print, online, and broadcast impressions
in equivalent ad value

“Rocket Launch broke through Beko’s obscurity at KBIS and within the industry by crafting a benefit-focused brand and product story that gave us the best opportunity to rise above the competition and get noticed. The plan worked and Beko was positioned alongside, and in some cases in front of, the biggest brands exhibiting at the show. We were able to leverage this momentum to successfully launch our full product lineup that year to media, retailers and, ultimately, eco-minded homeowners.”
— Justin Reinke, Beko VP of Marketing (former)

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