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How do you re-energize the #3 player in an oversaturated category?

You go big on giving back.

Chicken of the Sea

Strategic Flight Plan

Chicken of the Sea, the #3 brand in the shelf-stable seafood space, wanted to use its 100th anniversary to reenergize itself in the minds of Americans who only think of tuna for lunch. Our Rocketeers worked with the brand’s other marketing agencies to develop one of the largest cause-related initiatives in CPG history designed to boost awareness for the seafood provider through a year of strategic media placements that went beyond the everyday recipe story or cooking segment.

Our Rocketeers developed the Great American Gratitude Tour, a 100-city North American at-retailer sampling tour that awarded a $10,000 Gratitude Award to a nonprofit at every stop to encourage them to continue to do good in their community. Key to the success was the famous Chicken of the Sea Mermaid – quiet since the 1960’s – leading the charge for a reimagined Chicken of the Sea dedicated to looking back by paying it forward.

Mission Results

  • More than 1.5 billion print, online, TV, radio and streaming media impressions.
  • Dedicated segments on “Fox & Friends,” Fox News, “Better TV” and “Daily Buzz” plus TV affiliates in 92 of the 100 U.S. Tour cities – resulting in more than 6 hours of cumulative earned coverage.
  • Print/online coverage by AP and hundreds of local print and online outlets.
  • The awarding of $1 million to 100 nonprofit and community organizations to empower them to continue to give back.
  • Because of these gifts:
    • Mentors provided compassion care to 2,000 cancer patients in Chicago through Imerman Angels.
    • 200 Detroit inner-city kids learned to swim through Detroit Swims.
    • 3,390 Atlanta youth were impacted by Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Metro Atlanta.
    • 13,000 meals were provided to Des Moines senior citizens through the Iowa Move the Food program.
  • Quantifiable increases in brand and product awareness, in-store shelf facings and secondary displays, and sales lift and velocity during the two years following the initiative.

Mission Support

  • Marketing & Brand Development
  • Public Relations

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