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What does it take to turn a Southern California holiday attraction into an ongoing tradition?

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Mission Objective

In 2021, the City of Santa Ana had a vision to build an outdoor ice skating rink and holiday festival that would engage the community and support local businesses. The result was the first-ever Santa Ana Winter Village, which was supported by a robust marketing and PR campaign led by Rocket Launch that successfully drove attendance and made the event an Orange County destination for the holiday season. While the event returned in 2022, budget reallocations meant a cut in marketing and PR support – resulting in declining attendance.

Rocket Launch returned to support the Santa Ana Winter Village in 2023. In a market rich with attractions, holiday activities and seasonal entertainment offerings available to Orange County residents, Rocket Launch’s mission was to bring momentum back to the event and drive incremental attendance. With this goal came the challenge to rise above the competition and reestablish the Santa Ana Winter Village as a top holiday destination.

Strategic Flight Plan

Rocketeers knew that to repeat its success from two years prior, it had to leverage the uniqueness of outdoor ice skating in sunny Southern California and showcase the value built into this special community event. With a modest advertising budget, the event’s success hinged on all marketing and PR activities working together seamlessly.

The team crafted an integrated, multilingual marketing and PR plan targeting Orange County residents with a hyper-local focus on the City of Santa Ana. The event advertising utilized a mix of targeted placements optimized for both impressions and conversions including search, digital display, social media, out-of-home and local family-targeted media.

Simultaneously, a PR campaign garnered DMA-wide coverage (broadcast, digital and print) and local reach (local media, influencers and strategic partnerships). The result was a full-scale marketing and PR effort that flooded the market for two months, making the Santa Ana Winter Village a desirable holiday destination for Orange County residents.

Mission Results

This winter event saw consistent visitors throughout the holiday season, and the City of Santa Ana achieved its overarching goal of growing attendance and uniting the community for the holidays. The advertising campaign was successful across the funnel, from garnering general awareness to online ticket purchase conversions.

The campaign resulted in a 15% increase in media placements over its first year including 22 online/print placements and 23 broadcast media placements, which doubled the media impressions from 2021.

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“Rocket Launch played a vital role in the overall success of the month-long Winter Village event in Santa Ana. They provided an elevated strategic marketing approach that attracted a diverse audience and generated widespread excitement from both the Orange County community and local media. Rocket Launch’s connection to key industry influencers and media connections helped us implement effective Public Relations tactics that garnered significant media attention and advertising support. Their team was collaborative, supportive and accountable. Bringing on the Rocket Launch team to help support our event marketing was a great decision that ultimately lead to increased attendance and community engagement.”
— Cori Lantz, Recreation & Community Services Supervisor

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3rd Annual Winter Village Kicks Off

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2023 Santa Ana Winter Village

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