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How do you turn bananas, pineapples and lettuce into more than just produce?

You give consumers years of compelling reasons to care.


Dole Food Company




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Mission Objective

Dole Food Company may be the world’s largest provider of fresh fruits and vegetables but to an uninitiated public, all produce is pretty much the same. A banana is a banana is a banana. And despite being told about the nutritional and anti-disease benefits of fruits and vegetables for decades, Americans haven’t significantly altered their daily servings of fresh produce since the 1990s – with some consumers not regularly eating any produce at all. What’s more, the increasing homogenization of produce was obscuring Dole’s decades of nutritional heritage, global leadership in sustainability and fair-trade farming practices, and unprecedented connection to popular culture.

Strategic Flight Plan

To convince consumers to buy brand in the most commoditized industry of all, the Rocket Launch team partnered with Dole to develop a unique set of storylines that could differentiate the brand and its products from a produce department full of competitors. It was this singular focus on Dole’s five ownable, value-add attributes that allowed it to maintain industry leadership in brand equity, market share and consumer perceptions of product quality, innovation, and societal value. To leverage Dole’s health and wellness halo, Rocket Launch established the Dole Nutrition Expert Bureau, led my Melanie Marcus, MA, RD, the company’s health and wellness communications manager. To support its culinary heritage and industry-largest online recipe library, it created the “Heathier by Dole” program of recipe alternatives. And to bring attention to Dole’s product R&D, sustainability commitment and link to popular culture, the team spotlighted the brand’s industry-leading new products, The Dole Way global sustainability initiative and multiyear healthy-living alliance with The Walt Disney Company.

Mission Results

years of integrated strategies to fortify Dole as the global fresh produce leader
social media followers – the most-followed produce industry pages
earned media and blogger impressions annually since 2010

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