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How do you make recycling fun and exciting?

Transform it into a county-wide challenge.


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Mission Objective

When OC Waste & Recycling (OCWR) and the County of Orange were granted funds to stimulate long-term behavioral change around waste reduction and landfill diversion, they looked to the Rocket Launch team for public outreach campaign development and program implementation. Our team’s challenge was to develop a creative marketing and PR campaign aimed at reversing county-wide waste patterns and creating measurable change toward landfill diversion. At the time, OCWR was preparing to open the newly developed Eco Challenge exhibits at Discovery Cube Orange County, which they were looking to leverage as the new hub of waste education for OC residents.

Strategic Flight Plan

In order to meet OCWR’s goals, Rocket Launch developed the Eco Challenge initiative; a county-wide activation grounded in creating behavioral change through dynamic partnerships and messaging to positively impact our environment through waste diversion.

This campaign drove traffic to the hands-on, educational Eco Challenge exhibits at Discovery Cube and incorporated partnerships with Angels Baseball, the Anaheim Ducks, Goodwill, local city governments and more to amplify a tangible call to action for changing behavior and taking the Eco Challenge. It engaged entire families with a focus on educating kids about the importance of proper waste management in the home.

In addition to marketing and PR tactics, this effort consisted of Eco Challenge themed recycling events, community activations, contests, scavenger hunts and more, which incentivized county residents to engage in desired eco-friendly actions.

Mission Results

The Eco Challenge campaign and its public and private partnerships was a first of its kind initiative for the County of Orange and proved effective in changing behavior and diverting waste from our landfills within its 5-year term. It was adopted by numerous cities within the county and became a movement owned by a collective of waste management entities beyond just OCWR.

community and recycling event participants
tons of material diverted from Orange County landfills
visits generated to the Eco Challenge exhibit
message impressions

“This partnership has transformed our community in making a measurable impact in environmental stewardship. Rocket Launch has positioned us for immense growth and continued success.”
— Isabel Rios-Kahn, OC Waste & Recycling

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