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How can a strong brand impact bottom-line sales?

By turning values and reputation into a competitive advantage.

Fit-Line Global

Mission Flight Plan

Fit-Line Global is a supplier of ultra-high purity fittings to the semiconductor industry for over 25 years. With a foundation of success built upon superior quality and innovation, and on the brink of growing their business to the next level, Fit-Line employed Rocket Launch to help level-up their brand to match their reputation in the industry.

Rocket Launch dove deep into the company to extract the values, culture and essence of what makes the Fit-Line brand so powerful. After countless interviews and research hours, a fresh brand emerged in the form of a name change, logo, mission & values revamp, video and brand narrative. Since the re-brand, Rocket Launch has played an integral role in the company’s decision-making and creating their position as an industry leader among customers, distributors and key stakeholders.

Mission Results

Less than a year after the launch of Fit-Line’s new brand and strategic marketing and PR efforts, the brand has elevated its presence within the semiconductor industry. Key stakeholders are recognizing their authority and looking for new and expanded ways to grow their partnerships. As a result, Fit-Line leadership feels empowered and confident in their mission and upcoming efforts to grow the company globally through their vast customer and distribution channels.

Mission Support

  • Marketing & Brand Development
  • Public Relations
  • Creative & Production
  • Website Development

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