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How do you start a cosmetics brand from scratch?

Focus on brand and craft the perfect palette of marketing tactics.

Pink Dust Cosmetics

Strategic Flight Plan

Founded in 2016 with the knowledge and passion of a professional makeup artist, Pink Dust Cosmetics needed a full-service marketing team to successfully bring the product to market. Since its inception, Rocket Launch has pioneered the marketing for Pink Dust including brand development, website creation and SEO, digital marketing, and social media. From a brand perspective, we strategically positioned the founder of Pink Dust as the face of the brand, generating content that not only showcases the products, but also provides value through tutorials, tips, and beauty inspiration. In addition, we leveraged a relationship with HGTV star Christina Haack to position Pink Dust as her go-to makeup brand. At the core of the advertising strategy, we implemented a strategic and results-driven digital campaign using search, retargeting, Facebook and Instagram to reach and cultivate new audiences with diligent intentionality around consistently driving incremental sales.

Mission Results

  • Nearly tripled ROI within 3 months of digital ad campaign implementation.
  • An integrated marketing and advertising strategy that ties together and leverages social, influencer and advertising strategies.
  • Implementation of a robust email marketing strategy that maximized purchase frequency and abandoned cart sales.
  • Immediate and substantial growth in sales, brand recognition and social following from leveraging influencer audiences.
  • Developed a data-driven business strategy for leveraging best sellers, product bundling, promotions and further enhancing the website user experience.

Mission Support

  • Marketing & Brand Development
  • Advertising & Promotions
  • Social Media
  • Creative & Production
  • Website Development

“With Rocket Launch as a partner, I was able to let the experts drive my marketing strategy. And the incredible results speak for themselves.”

– Shannon Houston, Founder

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