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What does it take to elevate a B2B company and reach millions of consumers?

World-class expertise, a great story, and half a billion impressions!


T. Hasegawa USA


2024 Flavor Trends




Marketing Strategy, Public Relations, Advertising

Mission Objective

T. Hasegawa USA is highly regarded as one of the world’s top food and beverage flavor manufacturers. The company’s latest news is consistently covered in trade publications and its executives and R&D team are routinely interviewed to share their expertise in the flavor industry. While T. Hasegawa develops popular flavors for many of the world’s biggest food and beverage brands, these client projects are top secret and cannot be leveraged with marketing and PR. So how can a B2B leader like T. Hasegawa step out from the shadow of its industry and represent food and beverage flavors to the rest of the world?

Strategic Flight Plan

The key to putting T. Hasegawa on a larger platform was positioning the company as more than just a flavor manufacturer. With deep connections to major CPG and foodservice brands, T. Hasegawa is perfectly positioned to be the voice of trends that are shaping the future of foods and beverages.

Using its internal expertise and resources to gather information, T. Hasegawa began producing an annual “Flavor Trends” report that predicted upcoming consumer patterns, breakthrough ingredients and culinary shifts that are poised to be the ‘next big thing’ in the food and beverage world. From a B2B perspective, this free downloadable report serves as a lead gen tool, driving traffic and prospective clients to T. Hasegawa’s website. But the report also provided an opportunity for building brand equity and name recognition among consumers.

For 2024’s report, Rocket Launch strategized with T. Hasegawa to identify a “Flavor of the Year” that could serve as the focal point for the annual trends report and draw the attention of both trade and consumer media outlets. The 2024 flavor was ube – a bright purple yam with origins in Filipino cuisine that is growing popular on social media for its bold color and versatile sweet flavor.

Supplemented by a digital advertising campaign that included paid Google search and LinkedIn ads, the Rocket Launch team pitched the company’s annual trends report and “Flavor of the Year” to both media outlets across North America – with staggering results.

Mission Results

T. Hasegawa’s 2024 Flavor Trends findings – and especially the story of ube as the “Flavor of the Year” – practically went viral among media. In addition to every important trade outlet, the story caught the attention of hundreds of consumer media worldwide, including major titles like Forbes, Yahoo News, Salon, Parade Magazine, AOL News, Newsbreak and many more. Overall, the campaign resulted in unprecedented media coverage for T. Hasegawa, increased web traffic and major lead generation – all while building brand equity as the world’s leading flavor experts.

impressions and 17.51% conversion rate from digital advertising
earned media placements garnering 553 million impressions
spike in website traffic for 90 days compared to prior 90 days
email signups and content downloads in the first 60 days

“Rocket Launch has been our guiding star in propelling T. Hasegawa USA to new heights. Their strategic brilliance transformed our annual ‘Flavor Trends’ report into a beacon of innovation. With their unwavering dedication, Rocket Launch ignited our brand equity, making us not just flavor manufacturers, but trendsetters. Thank you for launching us into the flavorful cosmos and making ube the next best taste in food and beverage.” — Doug Resh, T. Hasegawa USA Director, Commercial Marketing (former)

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