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How do you Spice up a world-class b2b brand's share-of-voice and quality sales leads?

With a flavorful blend of cadence, content, and connective data.

T. Hasegawa USA

Mission Objective

As one of the world’s top 10 flavor manufacturers, T. Hasegawa USA is a recognized leader in its field and boasts a wealth of expertise within the food and beverage industry. Despite its impressive history and industry presence, the company was underwhelmed by the fragmented, digital-only marketing approach of its existing agency, which produced lead generation results that were inconsistent, ineffective and difficult to interpret. Furthermore, the extensive knowledge and expertise of the T. Hasegawa team was not being utilized and leveraged to give the brand a bigger voice within its industry.

Once our Rocketeers assembled, the mission was simple: grow T. Hasegawa’s industry authority and share-of-voice, build impression frequency and establish a steady flow of incoming quality leads. Our team was determined to untangle the past data and advertising tactics, to present a clean-slate marketing strategy for T. Hasegawa in which every activity would be intentional and measurable.

Strategic Flight Plan

Our partnership with T. Hasegawa began with a brand immersion and strategy summit that included a deep dive into the organization’s current marketing initiatives and goals. A combination of client meetings, stakeholder interviews, research and development culminated into a strategic plan for the organization that laid the foundation for all marketing moving forward.

This Flight Plan introduced a strategic mix of paid digital advertising that would drive quality leads back to the client’s website as part of its sales funnel, and earned media that would help establish the T. Hasegawa team as subject matter experts and give the brand a platform within the industry.

Comprehensive PR support amplified the brand voice in industry publications while a robust digital advertising program across Google and LinkedIn drove web traffic and sales leads. Overall, our strategic plan built upon T. Hasegawa’s existing SEO and content development efforts to provide a fully integrated plan where all of the pieces would play a specific and measurable role, and work toward a common goal. Key components of the plan included:

  • A steady cadence of T. Hasegawa new announcements that amplified brand activities in the form of earned media coverage and strengthened media relationships.
  • Thought-leadership byline articles and other robust content published by third-party media outlets that established T. Hasegawa as an authority within the flavor industry and a primary source of relevant trends data.
  • Repurposed PR content and messaging that was used throughout paid advertising campaigns as lead magnets to grow T. Hasegawa’s sales pipeline and email list.
  • Enhanced conversion tracking and landing page strategies ensured that all advertising efforts could be tied back to lead generation and evaluated accordingly.

Mission Results

The impact of our initial strategy was immediately apparent. Extensive earned media coverage featuring T. Hasegawa provided greater visibility than the brand had ever achieved before, and the intentionality around lead generation and tracking immediately provided the sales team with a dependable pipeline of quality leads. By year two, we were able to further hone our strategies, secure new and unique media placements, bolster the brand’s share-of-voice in trade publications, introduce new advertising tactics, and continued to increase efficiency and further improve upon KPI metrics.

Now in year three of our partnership, T. Hasegawa USA’s marketing and PR tactics have become the model followed by the brand’s corporate parent company in Japan, as an example of how to effectively market its unique B2B products and services. Rocket Launch continues to support T. Hasegawa and lead its marketing and PR efforts as the company grows, in the form of corporate acquisitions, expanded facility openings, key product launches, and more.

Mission Support

  • Digital Advertising
  • Public Relations

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