Social Media & Influencers

Social Media & Influencers

We marshal the power of social media and third-party influencers to give your brand a level of viral interactivity and authenticity that simply isn’t possible with traditional and digital media alone. From simple content creation to integrated engagement strategies, we recruit new brand loyalists while navigating new technologies and constantly evolving community standards.

Mission Expertise

Engagement Strategy

Social media is best leveraged with a focus on interaction. Rocket Launch helps inform social strategies to drive engagement.

Brand Ambassadorship & Influencers

We leverage the power of your brand’s biggest supporters to establish credibility and grow your reach across social platforms.

Content Creation

In support of social strategies, our team builds compelling, relevant and timely content that drives action and outcomes.

Community & Network Management

Social media is rooted in community interaction and we ensure that your brand is fully immersed in online conversations.

Scheduling & Publishing

Rocket Launch manages day-to-day activities for our clients including scheduling and posting content according to plan.

Paid Social Advertising

As part of an advertising strategy, Rocket Launch helps you reach new audiences and campaign goals through social ads.

Social Listening

Likes, follows, comments, and reach, targets, conversions, hashtags and tweets… Rocket Launch knows how to make sense of it all to meet your goals and keep your online reputation sweet!

Tracking & Measurement

At the core of everything we do, a clear data strategy is established upfront and used to make informed decisions throughout.


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